About Us

Japan - is a country that has been demonstrating the stability of economic growth for decades. The greatest success Japanese achieved in the development of advanced technologies and technological renovation of all major industries.Where Bitcoin is a Japanese invention, and soon in the dissemination and use of the world, in Japan, there are many companies producing Bitcoin, which is the most famous Bitcoin transactions FreeBtc.ca investment market. Our company is trading in bitcoin and make profits for all of our investors. We buy low price bitcoin in one market and sell high price bitcoin in another market. All trade is made by our company software and it work 24 hours a day! All trade will be made in the same time and we do not worry about our profits, we can make about 600% -6000% profits daily from our software.

FreeBtc.buzz is an investment company officially registered on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The priority direction of FreeBtc.buzz is the investment in securities of small enterprises in Japan.Due to high rates of mobility and performance of small firms, as well as the competitive advantage of manufactured products(Bitcoin) in the Asian and global markets, shareholders in the short period of time have the opportunity to get a stable high profit.

Earning money mainly rely on Bitcoin price differences: Our profits comes from investing money on different BTC markets like Mtgox, Bitstamp or a Japan market Japan China. There are different prices to buy and sell Bitcoins depending on a currency and country, with our automated high-frequency trading systems, it can vary between 0.7-1.25% per second. We can guarantee full return of the investment at the level of up to 600-6000% daily. Exchanging BTC is a fast paced process, so it is fairly simple to multiply the funds. If we manage to get more than 650% of daily profits, we spend the rest to buy BTC miners as an insurance policy.

Earning money by mining Bitcoins: A part of Our profits comes from BTC miners, which are servers customized to use special software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. Advanced ASIC hardware can mine dozens of bitcoins to be later sold on available markets. Investing in the hardware allows us to get more of the lates hardware.

The world stands on the threshold of new discoveries and achievements. Japan, as the concentration of the greatest minds and geniuses of know-how industry is able to make a new "economic miracle" of the century. With the common efforts of investors and employees of FreeBtc.buzz we shall occupy the leading positions in the Bitcoin market. Together we will build a new future with new opportunities and technologies, and the reliable investment tools will help partners to create inexhaustible sources of income.